All About Adventure, Nature, and Community-Based Tourism in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania

East Africa is a remarkable land filled with overwhelming beauty and charm with a safari for every traveler.  Whatever your Ultimate African Safari Dream is?  Whatever adventure looks like to you, we make it a reality! Get down here for Adventure, Nature, and Community-Based Tours. Let us help you create those memorable journeys of a lifetime. We tailor the trips to match your expectations. Get off the beaten Track and Discover East Africa with Travelers Link Africa.

Come experience the stunning beauty, the isolation and worldliness, the unimaginable vastness, and the astoundingly prolific wildlife of East Africa.  Get a deeper and more authentic impression of East Africa and its people. Get off the beaten track and step into vibrant colors, the snowy mountain tops, vast savannahs, forested areas, vast beaches, islands, and magnificent animals, and interact with the beautiful people.

Travelers Link Africa designs tailor-made primates and wildlife safaris with mid-range and luxury safaris within Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

We love Africa, and we love what we do. We believe in going the extra mile because we know it makes all the difference to the moments and memories you’ll treasure decades from today. We value sustainability, conservation & community empowerment.

Browse through our website and get in touch with us at or call us at +256 754062366 with your travel plans, let us create your journey of a lifetime.

Book your primates and wildlife safaris with us! Pack your bags, come explore East Africa and turn your Ultimate African Safari Dream into Reality!

Custom East Africa Wildlife and Primate Safaris by Travelers Link Africa

All our tour packages are tailor-made to fit your Africa Safari expectations and budget. The local guides use expert insider knowledge to make the most out of unexpected opportunities. They are hands-on and share first-hand knowledge and deeper insight so you experience new cultures, discover hidden gems and make unforgettable memories on your safari

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East Africa Wildlife, Culture, and Gorilla Safaris

In Africa, everything exists together in a delicate balance.  Africa is a vast, wild and exciting place full of nature’s great masterpieces. As you journey through Africa, get ready for her mysteries and experience the hidden magic. Travelers Link Africa Safaris is all about showcasing the undeniable soul-enriching and enchanting African Safari Experience to you all. 

East Africa Wildlife, Culture, and Gorilla Safaris

East Africa oozes magnificent, stunning, and extravagant adventures all year round. A safari in East Africa shows the profusion of the People, Culture, History, Heritage, Nature, and Wildlife. Get prepared to embark on the journey of a lifetime and get dazzled by this Cradle of Mankind! 

Whether you’re a wide-eyed first-timer or a frequent visitor, East Africa cannot fail to get under your skin. The canvas upon which the continent’s epic story is written is itself astonishing, and reason enough to visit. From the tropical rain forests of Central Africa to the endless rippling dunes and waterless tracts of the Sahara, from the signature savannah of the east to jagged mountains and green-tinged highlands all across the continent, East Africa has few peers when it comes to natural beauty.

Book your Wildlife, Culture, and Gorilla Safaris with Travelers Link Africa to the unforgettable East African Safari Adventure with our safari experts that will give you all the exhilarating details about the wild, vast and exciting land. Plan your trip with us – a tailor-made safari to suit your holiday plans or choose from pre-planned itineraries.


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